Is the TomTom Speed Camera service legal?

Updated: 16/04/2015 01.50 PM
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Most governments and local authorities agree with us that the TomTom Speed Camera service makes driving safer. At TomTom we comply with (local) legislation and where necessary adapt our practice, as explained below.

Changes to the law in France

Since decree n°2012-3 was introduced on 3 January 2012 it has been illegal to be warned about the position of fixed or mobile speed cameras while you are driving in France. If your TomTom navigation device has the Speed Camera service and you continue to use the service, you risk a fine of up to €1500.

New update: TomTom Speed Camera service becomes Danger Zones in France

TomTom had a meeting with the Road Safety Ministry to clarify the situation regarding new and upcoming legislation. As a result, TomTom is introducing a 100% compliant Danger Zones service available in a free download for compatible products.

Is my navigation device ready to use the Danger Zones service in France? ]

Danger Zones service in France

What do I need to do?

If you have a device that is supported, you need to connect your navigation device to TomTom HOME or MyDrive Connect and do the following:
  • Download the new update that activates French Danger Zones on your navigation device. [ show me how... ]
  • Download the one-time free download of a French Danger Zones file. This is for everyone even if you don’t have a subscription to the Speed Camera service. [ show me how... ]

How does it work?

  • In France, all types of speed camera locations and accident black spots are now reported using a new service: Danger Zones
  • Specific locations are not available and a Danger Zone icon is shown instead.
  • The length of the zone depends on the road type at the current location and can be 300m/2000m/4000m.
  • In future, Danger Zones provided by the French government (Zones de Vigilance Accrue) will be included in our database as they become available.

Useful tips

  • The only speed limit indicated is the one from your map. It can be incorrect if the map is too old and needs updating.
  • If several cameras are close to each other, the warning can be merged in a single longer zone.
  • The reporting of Danger Zones is still possible and legal but the location will be randomised for all users. TomTom appreciates the continued community-based reporting.
  • Danger Zones are only available when driving in France. The TomTom Speed Camera service works as normal outside of French borders. This applies if a route goes across French borders.
  • If you drive without a route planned, the performance of the Danger Zone alerts may decrease.
  • The service has been renamed to Danger Zones in the Services menu on your device. However until your device has a GPS fix and knows it is in France, the menu may still refer to Speed Cameras.